A Roadmap For Summer…

I recently received notification that I had earned a handful of followers on the blog, and as a courtesy for both them and for my readers who are already awaiting my return.

Since we’re about a month away from when my academic year ends and summer begins, I can give a ballpark estimate to when I’ll be back. My classes end on May 14th and exams are finished on the 21st. I am not worried about my academic standing, since I am doing just fine.

A few things have changed, and it’s been a hell of a rollercoaster ride this semester, but I have a few things I want to discuss.

The one subject that has generated a lot of buzz for me in my offline life is my experience with friends-with-benefits arrangements. I specifically want to mention this because I saw a lot of people glorifying or romanticizing such a setup. Although I have alluded to it before, I want to give it a full treatment.

I also want to talk about my experience with depression, as I’ve found more and more that a conversation about the subject is urgently needed. Aside from the heavier subjects, I do have a handful of fun things planned!

I have been quietly expanding my collection of board games. I have also gotten into some new tabletop adventures! Other than that, I’ll have an open schedule during the summer. See you then!

A Bit of Context…

So, I think I should spell a few things out because I know that this blog is not receiving the same amount of love that it previously did. It has been mostly quick posts, photos mainly, and not much more than that.

I have not given up on this blog, nor do I intend to at any point in the future. Blogging is part of my identity. But there are a few things that happened.

My school semester is finally getting into full swing, now that my independent study has officially begun. I only have two classes, but I also have the internship and now the independent study.

Furthermore, I am involved with several on-campus organizations in leadership capacity, treasurer of one group and president of another.

Finally, I am also occupied by my wonderful girlfriend. At the moment there are so many balls in the air that what is likely going to happen is that this blog will have a lot of quick posts and possibly one article per week.

Once this semester ends, things will get less turbulent. Believe me, I would never forget about this!