Downtown Baltimore Feeling The Bern!

A crowd of Bernie supporters gather in downtown Baltimore.

BALTIMORE – Thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters gathered in Baltimore for a rally on Saturday, March 19. Despite Sanders’s recent loss of delegates in Missouri, his supporters remain hopeful. The rally began in Penn North Plaza, leading to a march down to the Hollywood Diner and into the Pulse Nightclub for live music and speakers.

Throngs of Sanders supporters marched through the streets of Baltimore. The entire march took several hours to complete. One member of the rally, Adrian Stanley said, “…Bernie’s the only one in the race that tells it like it is. I know that’s a [Donald] Trump thing, but Bernie doesn’t lie, he’s a good politician.” This sentiment was echoed by other members of the rally. As they marched down the streets of Baltimore, they chanted lines such as “Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”

Despite Trump’s threats on Twitter, no protestors were present. Public support for Sanders was at an all time high. People even adorned their dogs with Bernie Sanders T-shirts. Another member of the rally, Katie, said “He has compassion, he’s honest, and has always been consistent throughout his entire campaign.”

Despite this, there was some skepticism from the media on Sanders’s ability to secure a nomination. Keanu Smith Brown told the Real News Network “I think it’s BS, and honestly the only BS we need in politics as you know is Bernie Sanders…” Some of the supporters were longtime followers of Sanders. Deborah Kleinman, a staunch supporter of Bernie said, “I’ve been following Bernie [Sanders] since the 80’s. I’ve been a Vermont person since the 80’s, I go up there and work at a very progressive camp that does a lot of activism, with farming and gardening, and anti-racism work. I saw Bernie speak at Bread and Puppet Theater and he was amazing…”

Still, the largest turnout was by far on the younger side. Nathan Zebrowski, another attendee said “…Quite honestly he’s the only one who has actually made it a point not to take donations from Wall Street, which really separates him from Hillary Clinton,” Zebrowski went on to criticize Trump, “I can’t see…any sane person voting for Trump… He’s pretty much knocking people out of the race left and right and that’s also a really present threat.” Another attendee carried a sign that read “Bernie can stump the Trump.”