Seeking Readers for New Book Project

It has been a busy day for me today, and I will have to leave my readers with a short blip of content.

The primary purpose of this post is to alert my usual readers to a book project I am going to begin work on shortly.

The title is “Fear and Loathing on the Internet”. I will be following in the footsteps of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and applying that style of writing to a modern aspect of our lives: the Internet.

The book will focus mainly on the topic of Internet harassment, cyberbullying, and trolling. It will discuss the evolution, psychology, and mechanisms behind harassment and abuse campaigns.

The delivery method for this will be a series of private posts. If you are interested in reading it, let me know in advance or request to view it on the post. Any feedback I get would be greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Readers for New Book Project

  1. Please count me in. Would love to read it.


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