Is Atheism a Fad?

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Godless Cranium

atheism Is atheism a fad?

I remember growing up and listening to heavy metal music.

Of course, my parents despised it and they would dismissively say that I was going through a fad. They told me and anyone else who would listen that my love affair with hard-rock wouldn’t last.

When they told their friends, they would smirk and tell them that me wearing black and listening to noisy music was just a thing I was going though and I’d grow out of it.

My favorite singer was Ozzy Osbourne.

I am nearly 40 and Ozzy is still my favorite artist, I still like to wear black, and I still listen to noisy music and love every second of it.

Today I read a post that called atheism a ‘phase’ and promised to prove that we would all believe in his deity eventually.

I will try to condense this into “2…

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