The Apathy of Mighty No. 9

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As with many game releases, I often hold back for a while in order to get a more accurate and less charged point of view. I had heard of the infamous “Mighty No. 9”, helmed by Keiji Inafune. While he was not the creator of the Mega Man franchise as is often believed, he certainly was a major part of it.

There is a certain element of modern folklore to Mighty No. 9’s development history. Indeed, many can easily recount Mighty No. 9’s rise and fall.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Capcom virtually demolished the Mega Man franchise after Keiji Inafune’s severance, relegating the property to cameo appearances (which varied from extremely unflattering to being fairly well-received) and an abysmal mobile game with gameplay so stripped down that it was easily replicated within 24 hours, minus the card game aspect.

So fans were eager to back Inafune’s Kickstarter, the spiritual successor to Mega Man known as Mighty No. 9. But how was that going to play out?

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Memories of NaNoWriMos Past

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November is coming and along with it will be the lower temperatures that necessitate wearing jeans to school as opposed to the shorts that I so frequently wear.

However, there is something that comes around every year that I have attempted several years before and never reached the finish line. That is National Novel Writing Month.

You’ve probably heard of it before, perhaps by its acronym “NaNoWriMo”. The premise is exactly what the title would imply, you write a novel in a month. But that sounds pretty unattainable without a number attached to it. In this case, you’re going to need 50,000 words. Broken down by day, you’ll need 1,667.

This is by no means an insignificant task. I can understand why Suze threw up her hands with a resounding “nope”! In previous years, I tried and stalled out about a few days into making my novel. Yet, I return this year more confident than ever before. So, what happened back then and why did I decide to return?

A Yarn Only Half The Required Length

When it comes to my longest work of writing, it was my first novella that I produced and self-published many, many, many years ago. The last time I checked, the entirety of the book clocked in at 10,000 words. It was a product of very specific circumstances.

At the time I was deeply emotionally involved with the process and had lots of time on my hands. At the end of it, I put it up online. It has since been removed because I checked it and it contained a lot of artifacts of my inexperience. I have since then removed virtually all semicolons from my writing.

But I desperately wanted to recreate that. In fact, I wanted to go one further. I wanted to produce something that I could take to a publisher and put on bookshelves.

I believe my last two attempts were “Cloudrunner” and “Dissolution”, respectively. Cloudrunner was a space opera about a family of planet-destroying plunderers of a substance known as “Anthane”. Dissolution was about cyberbullying.

In both cases, there wasn’t enough material present to really build a novel. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. I had not consulted anyone at the time because I had no idea what I was doing. But either way, I reached an impasse that I could not conclude. It wasn’t writer’s block, it was the fact that I couldn’t figure out where to go next.

Another successful conclusion was also of a shorter variety, it was a horror screenplay called “Eternal Candle: An Unseen Light.”, split into a series of 15-minute episodes to be written. It never made it past the script stage but it is indeed relevant to this upcoming novel.

It is indeed possible for me to tell a complete story. However, I was going to need to really work at it. For a while, I was playing around with interactive fiction and eventually completed a build for my original incarnation of “One Hundred Days of Mist”.

It dealt with the subject that the current novel will be dealing with: depression. I kept reworking it until I prepared it for a graphic novel script. But my days as an artist are behind me so I had to get an artist. Eventually, I decided to convert back into prose and leave it at that.

There’s plenty of material there and my storytelling ability has improved since then. A year of Dungeonmastering has given me the great ability to make stuff up as I go along, improvisational storytelling at its core. Given that this is largely what I’ll have to do in NaNoWriMo, I’m perfectly comfortable with it.

If anyone wants to look up the project, they can find it here.


Left In An Empty Theater




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I began my childhood movie experience with the 1997 rerelease of Star Wars, which was perhaps the best possible foot to start my moviegoing experience on. Of course, this paved the way for a steady diet of Disney movies and Saturday morning cartoons.


I like movies. Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite directors of all time. I’ve had great experiences with movies as an artistic medium and I absolutely love interpreting film.

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Denial of a Common Language



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I wanted to take today to address something that I had alluded to yesterday. It was a brief reblog that I wanted to make about video games.

I happened across a blog post from the perspective of a mother of an autistic child. Her blog post gave the impression of a very strict environment, with little access to forms of entertainment. She specifically singled out video games, citing that they encourage antisocial behavior. While I would normally link it, I really want to talk about the thought process

I despise the term “antisocial” because it means two different things with very serious implications depending on which definition you use. The first definition is more accurately described as “introversion”, an inward focused mindset or behavior. The second definition, however, describes deliberate harm to social structures. Stealing, lying, and other bits of social nastiness. I do not know which definition this uses, but the lay definition tends to use the former, so I will assume that is the case.

This is not a specific reaction to this post, but the broader implications behind it. Obviously, she is not the first one to do this and probably not the last. Her comment section was overwhelmingly supportive of this decision, and I feel like offering a direct comment is not going to be productive. I am therefore doing this for my audience’s benefit, not the person who wrote the blog post that inspired this.

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An Old Worry



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I was considering doing an informal Q & A of sorts, and if that appeals to my audience I can certainly work towards making that happen. This arose from my time at Eyes Through The Glass and the fact that I was well-known for being an Asperger’s Syndrome self-advocate. Honestly, I would love to answer questions from my audience, I always like hearing them.

I was also checking for reblog content a while back and heard a post about a mother who didn’t let her autistic son play video games. That will require a separate response to fully address, but it reminded me of a question that I received long ago.

Since those posts are gone, I cannot produce the original text. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember the question in detail. This is because of the backstory detailing it, which indicated that whatever was being asked needed reframing.

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