Sand Castles (Revisited)

D&D tonight. Enjoy the reblog!

My Sword and Shield....


Build your Sand Castles

I see them standing over there with their pockets full of stones

But these demons are intruders here

We have been through this so many times

You and I

Do you remember when you and I first met?

Out on the edge of Everything

You were building a galaxy then

You were the bright center

Shoals of Stars swirled around you

Impossible to escape your gravity

No sounds except for the beating of my heart

Build your Sand Castles

I remember your eyes telling me every story that has ever been told

And I will stand here in my sneakers and My Superman Tshirt, holding my Garbage can lid

I’ll stop them

When I was a paladin of Charlemagne

When I carried the body of Alexander back to His rest

When I defended Troy from ravage and ruin

When I knocked on your door for the…

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