A Ring From Lake Elkhorn



Photo by Lucas Larsen


Yesterday, I happened upon a rather interesting discovery. I had not anticipated this when I trekked out to Lake Elkhorn to visit Nathan, Lucas, and Maggie. We wandered around the Columbia lake for a while before heading off to Cheeburger Cheeburger (which we call “the malt shop”) and talked at length about the usual topics that we normally discuss, such as the Aletha blog post I made earlier.

While we were wandering around the lake’s perimeter, I noticed a small glistening object in the dirt. Upon reaching down and picking it up, I realized that I had come across a very small ring. My friends suggested that it was a toe, and given that it was too small for even Maggie’s fingers, I am inclined to believe that it was.

My first instincts vocalized were, “Who dropped this? Can we return it to them?”, but it took me less than a second to understand that this was an impossible task. We had no idea who dropped it, though I can’t imagine they’d be in good spirits.

My friends suggested bringing it to a pawn shop, though I can’t imagine I would have gotten much for it. Instead, I made the decision to save it. I would give it to someone else in the future, someone who was special to me. It gave me motivation, a reason to keep trying. Someday I would find someone to give that ring to.

One thought on “A Ring From Lake Elkhorn

  1. Such an odd thing to find! Even more odd to suggest pawning it. I shouldn’t think it would have much value, being a toe ring.


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