Gunning For Discover!


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I must admit, after resurrecting Memory of the Star, I have sought to achieve some of the things that I did during my heyday at Eyes Through the Glass. At that time, WordPress’s term for “editor’s choice” was becoming “Freshly Pressed”.

I received that award twice, and given that I have come quite far since that time I have been considering the option of submitting my posts to Discover. Previous attempts have proven futile, with a submission sent and nary a response.

It is difficult to surmise what exactly they’re looking for. I say that because they have a general overview of having a strong point of view, using images, and so forth. But, I question exactly what content works.

I say that because the content I produced that got me Freshly Pressed wasn’t my personal favorite work. Then again, my taste and my editor’s tastes are never going to be exactly the same.

Admittedly, now that my blog has had a taste of views that go to the double digits…or in my best case quadruple digits with my Dungeons & Dragons article, I have begun to seek a larger audience.

The process has been slow, with most of my views coming from Flipboard users and nearly fifty followers. I am fortunate to have readers like Suze and SunkenThought who regularly contribute to discussions. Part of the nature of online discourse means that most people who read your posts do just that. They don’t necessarily hit the “like” button, leave a comment, and so forth.

I speak regularly on the virtues of Flipboard, and out of all social media platforms I’ve used it’s had the greatest return on investment. It is, however subject to booms and busts, depending on how things are categorized. I also don’t post everything on Flipboard, usually blog announcements and random images, so my November posts were scant.

Getting followers on Flipboard took a while, I have a few now, including (out of all things) a Japanese newspaper. Truth be told, I always wanted a connection to Japan and I hope to translate my articles into Japanese when I get the chance and I manage to relearn the language.

Still, the process of climbing the blogosphere ladder remains somewhat of a mystery for me. Perhaps the issue is going to be time, out of all things. Until then, I will be producing the best content I can make.