Well, That’s Three Days Missed…

Oh dear, it does appear that I’ve slipped. In between the shuffling madness that is online winter courses (never doing that again) and other life stuff, I have been slipping in regards to my content. Rest assured, I am always writing. No matter what I am doing, you’ll find a piece of text with my name stamped on it somewhere along the line.

To that end, aside from an essay that I wrote for English class which was not designed for consumption by a general audience, I have indeed been hard at work with my career.

As of today, I have now been published in a professional outlet as a result of my internship. You can find the article here!



2 thoughts on “Well, That’s Three Days Missed…

  1. Wow, Dylan. What a terrific article!


  2. Congratulations! Thought provoking article!


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