The Ghost of Rosewood


Photo of Rosewood Center by Dylan Greene

I mentioned in my article yesterday that you can travel up Rosewood Lane from Painters Mill. Should you do that, you make your way to the back of the Rosewood Center. Perhaps more appropriately, what’s left of it. However, this was not the best angle to get a photo. I decided to take a picture from the front, which meant walking down the road in an awkward fashion. There’s a shack nearby, clearly dilapidated and abandoned. There’s a huge hole in the roof, stuff is strewn everywhere, and the doors are stuck open.

Walk down the road a bit longer and you’ll see the lonesome buildings dotting the landscape. They are overgrown with vines, untrimmed and untouched by groundskeepers since they’re gone too.

In the distance are vacant basketball courts with cracks in the ground that crabgrass has sprouted from. The hoops are old, rusted, and likely haven’t touched a basketball in years. There’s an old gazebo with faded green paint, likely reclaimed by nature as well in some small form.

Go further and you’ll run into Jemicy, or what used to be known as Ruxton Country School. That in and of itself is a story, since I went there for elementary and middle school, up through eighth grade. The most I know of my former classmates were when I saw a couple of them on sites like OkCupid or Tinder. Talk about awkward.

I felt like a ghost when I saw all of this, displaced from a location of which I was previously bound. There’s a surreal nature to it. Maybe a small bit of childhood, left never to be revisited.