Greetings From the Fish Tank!



“Damn it, Paul. This is the last time you drive!”


So, now that the technical problems have for the most part been resolved, it’s time to get back to business. I decided that since I was about to enter a state of doing nothing (with the exception of planning multiple tabletop RPG campaigns), it would be worthwhile to devote some of my time to something longer term. My thoughts turned to raising a pet, but I couldn’t get anything that could potentially fight with our family dogs. We certainly couldn’t get anything that would end up becoming dinner for them (they celebrated Easter by eating rabbits).

I settled on fish and as luck would have it, my father knew quite a lot about maintaining a community tank.  I began looking around at aquatics stores, but it was by a fateful coincidence I found my store of choice.

I was perusing Games and Stuff for steampunk miniatures (more on that endeavor later) and after walking out I craned my neck to see “House of Tropicals” in the same shopping plaza. Their selection was impressive, much larger than the previous stores I visited.

Boy, if I knew what I was getting myself into…I was introduced to another hobby, that of raising freshwater fish. I started with golden zebra danios and gradually added black neon tetras and panda catfish. I learned how to measure the water’s chemical balance and how to clean a tank.

To top it off, I put a little Yellow Submarine in the tank!