(April Fools)Fantasy Flight Games Confirms Developing Tabletop RPG Based on “Fallout” IP

So, I was looking around online because I wanted to see what other people were doing in terms of producing a Fallout tabletop RPG, and it appears that the worst of my fears were confirmed.

Fantasy Flight Games is developing the Fallout tabletop RPG. Announced earlier this year, the tabletop RPG will be showcased at GenCon 2018.

Apparently, it’s going to be handled a lot like Star Wars. They’re going to split it into three “stand-alone RPGs”. They’re basing this on locations this time, so if you want to play in the Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3, you’ll need to get “In the Name of Liberty”. If you want to play New Vegas, you’ll need to get “Chips are Down”. If you want to play Fallout 4’s Boston area, you’ll need “Shadows of the Commonwealth”. All of them have unique character classes, racial options, and weapons.

They’ve already started talking dice, saying they’re going to making V.A.T.S dice and “Rad dice”.  Genesys and Star Wars dice are incompatible. You can’t use d20s or anything like that.

Guess you gotta start saving your caps, folks! Details are here.