A Bit of Context…

So, I think I should spell a few things out because I know that this blog is not receiving the same amount of love that it previously did. It has been mostly quick posts, photos mainly, and not much more than that.

I have not given up on this blog, nor do I intend to at any point in the future. Blogging is part of my identity. But there are a few things that happened.

My school semester is finally getting into full swing, now that my independent study has officially begun. I only have two classes, but I also have the internship and now the independent study.

Furthermore, I am involved with several on-campus organizations in leadership capacity, treasurer of one group and president of another.

Finally, I am also occupied by my wonderful girlfriend. At the moment there are so many balls in the air that what is likely going to happen is that this blog will have a lot of quick posts and possibly one article per week.

Once this semester ends, things will get less turbulent. Believe me, I would never forget about this!

Well, That’s Three Days Missed…

Oh dear, it does appear that I’ve slipped. In between the shuffling madness that is online winter courses (never doing that again) and other life stuff, I have been slipping in regards to my content. Rest assured, I am always writing. No matter what I am doing, you’ll find a piece of text with my name stamped on it somewhere along the line.

To that end, aside from an essay that I wrote for English class which was not designed for consumption by a general audience, I have indeed been hard at work with my career.

As of today, I have now been published in a professional outlet as a result of my internship. You can find the article here!