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I have spent the morning drawing up plans to redo my bedroom. My house, well, George’s and my house (good grief) is a 1920’s cottage with the oddest shaped rooms. […] The post redecorating through re-purposing appeared first on Obsolete Childhood.

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Is Atheism a Fad?

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Godless Cranium

atheism Is atheism a fad?

I remember growing up and listening to heavy metal music.

Of course, my parents despised it and they would dismissively say that I was going through a fad. They told me and anyone else who would listen that my love affair with hard-rock wouldn’t last.

When they told their friends, they would smirk and tell them that me wearing black and listening to noisy music was just a thing I was going though and I’d grow out of it.

My favorite singer was Ozzy Osbourne.

I am nearly 40 and Ozzy is still my favorite artist, I still like to wear black, and I still listen to noisy music and love every second of it.

Today I read a post that called atheism a ‘phase’ and promised to prove that we would all believe in his deity eventually.

I will try to condense this into “2…

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I’m sorry…

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Autism and Expectations

Saying “I’m sorry” doesn’t mean I don’t still have to do the processing.

I know you’re sorry you’re late. You’ve broken a small social contract, and sorry should be enough to mend it, but it’s not the social contract that is troubling me.

You’re sorry you didn’t let me know that plans had changed. You could have, but you didn’t. The sorry should fix any upset caused by your actions, but it’s not the upset that is troubling me.

You’re sorry that you turned up with a couple of extra people, you hope that’s ok, a sorry and a packet of biscuits should cover any change to catering needs, but it’s not the catering issues that are troubling me.

My life is built of stories.

There’s the long story about where I came from, where I’ve been, where I want to go.

There’s the more immediate story of what has…

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