Greetings From the Fish Tank!



“Damn it, Paul. This is the last time you drive!”


So, now that the technical problems have for the most part been resolved, it’s time to get back to business. I decided that since I was about to enter a state of doing nothing (with the exception of planning multiple tabletop RPG campaigns), it would be worthwhile to devote some of my time to something longer term. My thoughts turned to raising a pet, but I couldn’t get anything that could potentially fight with our family dogs. We certainly couldn’t get anything that would end up becoming dinner for them (they celebrated Easter by eating rabbits).

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Can’t Spin This

fidget-spinner-2329469_1920Now that I’ve managed to recuperate from post-exam exhaustion, it’s time for me to return to the blogosphere. I have a lot to talk about, and today I want to start with something topical.

I have seen the fidget spinner craze, and there’s been a lot of discussion on the toy in question and I want to approach a byproduct of that craze. Shortly after the fad took off, I saw the occasional odd post that voiced outrage at how neurotypicals were taking a toy meant for the disabled and making it impossible for the disabled to use due to the bans put into place after fidget spinners became popular and overused in the classroom.

These posts didn’t sit well with me. While the people who shared them probably┬ájust did so reflexively (which I admittedly find troubling, but somewhat understandable), it was because something unexpected happened.

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A Roadmap For Summer…

I recently received notification that I had earned a handful of followers on the blog, and as a courtesy for both them and for my readers who are already awaiting my return.

Since we’re about a month away from when my academic year ends and summer begins, I can give a ballpark estimate to when I’ll be back. My classes end on May 14th and exams are finished on the 21st. I am not worried about my academic standing, since I am doing just fine.

A few things have changed, and it’s been a hell of a rollercoaster ride this semester, but I have a few things I want to discuss.

The one subject that has generated a lot of buzz for me in my offline life is my experience with friends-with-benefits arrangements. I specifically want to mention this because I saw a lot of people glorifying or romanticizing such a setup. Although I have alluded to it before, I want to give it a full treatment.

I also want to talk about my experience with depression, as I’ve found more and more that a conversation about the subject is urgently needed. Aside from the heavier subjects, I do have a handful of fun things planned!

I have been quietly expanding my collection of board games. I have also gotten into some new tabletop adventures! Other than that, I’ll have an open schedule during the summer. See you then!

A Bit of Context…

So, I think I should spell a few things out because I know that this blog is not receiving the same amount of love that it previously did. It has been mostly quick posts, photos mainly, and not much more than that.

I have not given up on this blog, nor do I intend to at any point in the future. Blogging is part of my identity. But there are a few things that happened.

My school semester is finally getting into full swing, now that my independent study has officially begun. I only have two classes, but I also have the internship and now the independent study.

Furthermore, I am involved with several on-campus organizations in leadership capacity, treasurer of one group and president of another.

Finally, I am also occupied by my wonderful girlfriend. At the moment there are so many balls in the air that what is likely going to happen is that this blog will have a lot of quick posts and possibly one article per week.

Once this semester ends, things will get less turbulent. Believe me, I would never forget about this!