The Human Face of Atheism


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I have found one thing very odd during my time in the blogosphere. Despite my atheism, I have for some reason attracted a small contingency of openly religious bloggers. I have no explanation for this, though I suppose it can be chalked up to mundane demographics like the geographical location of the bloggers.

For a while, I was trying to figure out how to broach the topic of my atheism. I could do what other atheists do and argue my position and I could a pretty good job too. Indeed, I could spend the rest of my blogging career refuting theistic claims. Yet, I also shy away from that because the atheist-theist dialogue is painfully static. Most of the atheists I know are still refuting Pascal’s Wager, usually because theists don’t check beforehand to see if this is an argument that has been presented before. This ends up with pages upon pages of refuting the same arguments. I would never run out material, but I’d be making the same arguments over and over again.

Yet, I can make one observation: Atheism, as viewed by most theists, is misunderstood at a very fundamental level. Even my dentist’s assistant had trouble grasping the notion and I get a lot of people asking me if I celebrate Christmas. Surprisingly, not only do I celebrate the holiday, but it is also my favorite holiday for a very specific and secret reason. Though you may be able to wring it out of my offline friends because they know.

Since logical argumentation doesn’t seem to be advancing the dialogue, I decided it would instead be more productive if I simply told my story. How I came to atheism, and what has changed as a result.I also really like the personal story of atheism, seeing the story of atheism being taken out of purely abstract concepts and given a human face. So, just how did this start?

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Is Atheism a Fad?

Here’s an article I enjoyed. As usual, comments and likes will be disabled. Please visit the original source! Don’t fret, I’ve got plenty of good stuff coming down the chute, it’s just taking slightly longer than anticipated and I don’t want to leave my audience without something new each day.

Enlisting the Services of a Spellcaster




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I must admit, I love the atheist group I belong to on Facebook. It reserves as a repository of pieces of pseudoscience that we can all collectively mock in a lighthearted fashion. Today, I was served with a link to a spellcaster named Dr. Ogundu. He sold a collection of spellcasting services that perhaps could assist with my dating woes. Naturally, I sent him an email explaining my plight. For your amusement, I have included the full email I sent below, and it’s a good laugh!

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Thought of Evolution, Evolution of Thought



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I was inspired to write the following piece because I was going through Flipboard and found an article written by Rafi Letzter. The link can be found here.

The thesis that Letzter puts forward is that lots of smart people don’t believe in evolution, and he goes on to explain why.

In this response, I will be refuting his claims and provide a counterargument. There is much that needs to be discussed. Before I go on, I wish to say that I don’t have a personal issue with him. I only take issue with the viewpoints he espouse.

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