Put The Thing in the Thing And Then Hopefully It Works Out



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So, I was inspired to write this due to a post that Suze had made. It began with a lighthearted non-sequitur involving sex education before she adjusted her glasses and noticed that the word was “ovation” not “ovulation”. But it serves as an excellent springboard because she asks the question:

ovulation: Well honestly, I don’t know why the daily prompter would come up with this particular word…I mean, don’t they teach sex education in schools anymore? We have to blog about it now?

Unfortunately for her, the answer is “no”. Perhaps a more accurate answer is, “Well, kind of but we do a piss-poor job at it.” Just a note before I go on, I’m trying to keep this in the bounds of good taste, but it will get a little personal. Onward!

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Seeing A Bit of the Spectrum



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The original post I was going to produce today is no more, as the motivation for producing was resolved. In its place is going to be something a bit more manageable, a bit more approachable, and perhaps more beneficial to my audience.

Back when I began writing on Eyes Through the Glass, it was at the behest of my ex-girlfriend that I was dating at the time. She spoke to my ability to articulate what it was like to live with Asperger’s Syndrome.

The reason that I migrated from Eyes Through the Glass and shut it down was because, as it turns out, there was only so much I could directly say about Asperger’s. Eventually, the blog lost its focus and because it had devolved so far beyond its original purpose it had to be shut down. Admittedly, I was in a darker place at that time.

But, what has become clear to me is that the work that I originally began on Eyes Through the Glass still needs to be done. At the request of one of my friends who wanted to know more, I decided to offer a little bit of what it’s like.

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An Old Worry



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I was considering doing an informal Q & A of sorts, and if that appeals to my audience I can certainly work towards making that happen. This arose from my time at Eyes Through The Glass and the fact that I was well-known for being an Asperger’s Syndrome self-advocate. Honestly, I would love to answer questions from my audience, I always like hearing them.

I was also checking for reblog content a while back and heard a post about a mother who didn’t let her autistic son play video games. That will require a separate response to fully address, but it reminded me of a question that I received long ago.

Since those posts are gone, I cannot produce the original text. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember the question in detail. This is because of the backstory detailing it, which indicated that whatever was being asked needed reframing.

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The Curse of the Lonely Heart


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I had originally wanted to describe this story after I came back from my speed dating outing not too long ago. Yet, I found it was far more productive to let it sit for a while so that the emotional tinge would fade and cooler heads would prevail.

It was a good move, as the draft contained a load of things that I am glad I didn’t act upon. But as I have given it further thought I believe it is time to put this on the table. It is a story that reveals a little bit of my vulnerability, one that exposes a bit of my own humanity.

One of the aspects that I find surprising is that my Best Blogging Buddies are more often than not women. Since my initial outings in Eyes Through the Glass, it has been women that have been the biggest contributors to the conversations I was having. So perhaps it’s a bit of an oddity that my biggest struggle is dealing with relationships with the opposite sex. Or maybe it’s completely expected, I can’t tell. Yet, there it is, and what exactly does this mean?

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To The Moon and Asperger’s Syndrome



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As I was going through my Steam library in search of games to play I found myself reminiscing back to a gaming experience I had a while ago. It was a little game called “To The Moon”.
On the surface, the game is an adventure game built in RPG Maker XP. However, it offers an interesting window into two people’s lives and the contrasting elements between them.
The game is a real tearjerker, so I would recommend having a box of tissues beside you as you play. But it’s an invaluable experience and I frequently gift the game to others.
Despite this, it isn’t a game that seems to be discussed at length, at least not as much as a AAA title. So I figured I might as well give it my own interpretation.There will be spoilers, so if you haven’t checked the game out, I’d recommend it!

Whatever Happened To Eyes Through The Glass?



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It’s quite a funny thing, having been around on WordPress for as long as I have. I’ve come to gain an audience, lose it, and then gain it again. In fact, Memory of the Star has been my most successful blog to date. Not only do I manage to publish consistently good content on a regular basis, I also manage to hold thoughtful and productive discussions. I attribute this to the skills I obtained in journalism class.

But I think my story of how I began my foray into blogging is actually quite a fascinating one. For my old audience members who have followed me since the start, it will be a nostalgic trip. For my new audience members who have only recently begun to follow me, it will be an interesting piece of background history. It is also particularly relevant because my autism posts gained me several followers, and this will help expand the subject further.

So let’s turn back the clock!

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The invisible girls on the Autism Spectrum

Hello, everyone! This article caught my eye and since I was so incredibly busy today that I couldn’t finish a blog post while juggling everything else, I decided to just reblog a post I thought was interesting. I am turning off likes and comments to encourage my audience to like and comment the original post. Thank you!

Everyday Autism

I recently helped a friend with her niece, who had just been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. My friend strongly felt that this diagnosis was wrong, and after reading more about my symptoms and experiences with ASD believed that her niece “Anne” (name changed) was actually Autistic. The symptoms were all there – social issues, anxiety, depression, sensory issues, self-harm… the list goes on. After hearing about Anne’s personal experiences, including being bullied at school due to a simple social misunderstanding, I urged my friend to get Anne reassessed for a proper diagnosis. I felt instantly connected to Anne – we both experienced bullying at school due to not fully understanding social rules and etiquette and our inability to “read between the lines”, we both experienced depression, anxiety, self-harmed and were even both diagnosed with BPD… It was as if I was watching teenage me struggling all over again. I…

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