Finding Love and Intimacy on the Spectrum

I did some housekeeping recently, tossing out old posts that I did in the days when I put up stuff on a daily basis. This was initially for the purposes of having daily content ready, making a reliable schedule.

This was a mistake. I can certainly produce one solid article per week, but in aggregate I ended up having to toss out much of these because they hid articles that I wanted people to read. One series of articles that got deleted dealt with my experience in dating.

Much has changed, so much so that simply adding a new article isn’t going to help. My attitude on the entire subject has shifted, though not as completely as one may think. And of course, now that Rebby and I have been together happily for six months I can say that this phase of my life is over.

In my life, I have held serious doubts about my ability to perform in certain aspects of life, things like finishing school, holding down a job, or falling in love with a romantic partner. Neurotypical friends, well meaning as they were, didn’t understand my anxieties.

Some of these things were easier to accept than others. I regained my confidence with my triumphant return and successful completion of my degree at CCBC. I found out I could do journalism really well and kickstarted a freelance writing career. But dating and relationships? That was another story.

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When the Garage Door Opens


Whenever I go over to see my girlfriend, Rebecca, I can feel the excitement build as she opens up the garage door. She shares the enthusiasm and within seconds we are in each other’s arms. She says to me “I missed you.” Unless I say it first.

We have been together a little over two months, although we were friends since last October. When we began going out, it had been a few months since I broke up with my last ex and a few weeks since we stopped talking completely. At the time, I was unsure of what to make of it.

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Can’t Spin This

fidget-spinner-2329469_1920Now that I’ve managed to recuperate from post-exam exhaustion, it’s time for me to return to the blogosphere. I have a lot to talk about, and today I want to start with something topical.

I have seen the fidget spinner craze, and there’s been a lot of discussion on the toy in question and I want to approach a byproduct of that craze. Shortly after the fad took off, I saw the occasional odd post that voiced outrage at how neurotypicals were taking a toy meant for the disabled and making it impossible for the disabled to use due to the bans put into place after fidget spinners became popular and overused in the classroom.

These posts didn’t sit well with me. While the people who shared them probably just did so reflexively (which I admittedly find troubling, but somewhat understandable), it was because something unexpected happened.

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Put The Thing in the Thing And Then Hopefully It Works Out



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So, I was inspired to write this due to a post that Suze had made. It began with a lighthearted non-sequitur involving sex education before she adjusted her glasses and noticed that the word was “ovation” not “ovulation”. But it serves as an excellent springboard because she asks the question:

ovulation: Well honestly, I don’t know why the daily prompter would come up with this particular word…I mean, don’t they teach sex education in schools anymore? We have to blog about it now?

Unfortunately for her, the answer is “no”. Perhaps a more accurate answer is, “Well, kind of but we do a piss-poor job at it.” Just a note before I go on, I’m trying to keep this in the bounds of good taste, but it will get a little personal. Onward!

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An Old Worry



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I was considering doing an informal Q & A of sorts, and if that appeals to my audience I can certainly work towards making that happen. This arose from my time at Eyes Through The Glass and the fact that I was well-known for being an Asperger’s Syndrome self-advocate. Honestly, I would love to answer questions from my audience, I always like hearing them.

I was also checking for reblog content a while back and heard a post about a mother who didn’t let her autistic son play video games. That will require a separate response to fully address, but it reminded me of a question that I received long ago.

Since those posts are gone, I cannot produce the original text. As a matter of fact, I cannot remember the question in detail. This is because of the backstory detailing it, which indicated that whatever was being asked needed reframing.

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To The Moon and Asperger’s Syndrome



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As I was going through my Steam library in search of games to play I found myself reminiscing back to a gaming experience I had a while ago. It was a little game called “To The Moon”.
On the surface, the game is an adventure game built in RPG Maker XP. However, it offers an interesting window into two people’s lives and the contrasting elements between them.
The game is a real tearjerker, so I would recommend having a box of tissues beside you as you play. But it’s an invaluable experience and I frequently gift the game to others.
Despite this, it isn’t a game that seems to be discussed at length, at least not as much as a AAA title. So I figured I might as well give it my own interpretation.There will be spoilers, so if you haven’t checked the game out, I’d recommend it!

Whatever Happened To Eyes Through The Glass?



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It’s quite a funny thing, having been around on WordPress for as long as I have. I’ve come to gain an audience, lose it, and then gain it again. In fact, Memory of the Star has been my most successful blog to date. Not only do I manage to publish consistently good content on a regular basis, I also manage to hold thoughtful and productive discussions. I attribute this to the skills I obtained in journalism class.

But I think my story of how I began my foray into blogging is actually quite a fascinating one. For my old audience members who have followed me since the start, it will be a nostalgic trip. For my new audience members who have only recently begun to follow me, it will be an interesting piece of background history. It is also particularly relevant because my autism posts gained me several followers, and this will help expand the subject further.

So let’s turn back the clock!

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