The Money Issue and Moving Forward


This post has been something of a while coming. I’ve recently talked to my parents and friends and I’m currently in the early stages of moving forward in my life.

This blog is one of many of my current pursuits. Among them are the podcast series “End of an Era” that I do for a club project at my community college, writing a Fate Core sourcebook “Cloudrunner: Fate of the Skies”, and the Cloudrunner novel. Of course, there are other mundane things too. I’m a full-time student juggling my schoolwork, my creative endeavors, a freelance writing career on Splice Today, this blog, a relationship, and a social life all at the same time. Of course, I seem to do a pretty good job of this, all things considered.

But I’m thinking it’s time for me to move forward, and one of the things I’m looking to do is achieve independence. My current income can get me through any given month as is, but it does mean that I will have some limitations placed on what I do.

At this point, I’m looking towards jobs on my college campus. If I can make some extra cash here or there, that would be great. However, there’s an alternate solution that I’ve been considering: Patreon.

I am grateful that Patreon didn’t go through with its funding changes because that would have negatively impacted possible plans that I had. I don’t have the mass audience that would make advertising profitable.

Where I could use guidance is in what exactly should be covered under the Patreon umbrella. Because I’m creating a diverse amount of content such as podcasts, journalism, and creative writing, I confess to being at a bit of a loss for the direction I would take.

Though my audience is small at the moment, I know that it’s out there. Someone’s reading those posts and I’m curious to know what people would like.

Leave a response in the comments, and I’ll see what I can come up with!

Where Art Thou, Audience?



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Much like my previous ambitions to attain Discover, my ambitions for an audience have also grown. In my days at Eyes Through the Glass, I was very grateful for whatever audience I had. There were a handful of people, though I do not recall much in terms of a community.

If I recall correctly, many of my followers for Eyes Through the Glass were spambots. So perhaps the fact that there are far fewer means that I am simply not getting picked up by spambots for an easy follow.

In terms of SEO, you can find my domain if you Google “memoryofthestar”, but won’t find it if you use “Memory of the star”. I am unsure of what to make of this. I’ll probably get someone on Google to explain what is going on.

I must confess, I don’t think I do enough in terms of promotion and outreach. Part of that has to do with the fact that I prioritize my journalism and schoolwork over blog promotion. I am on Flipboard since that has the greatest return on investment in terms of audience. However, I also fell behind with putting posts up.

I do have a Facebook page but it doesn’t really generate views. Neither did my Twitter feed. Part of the difficulty is not just finding an audience, but finding the right audience.

I could go to Reddit and post, but I honestly doubt that they’d be interested in my writing style.

I also recognize that I don’t have an audience. There will be people who are interested in my autism spectrum posts. There are going to be others who are interested in hearing about board games and Dungeons & Dragons. When I finally get to writing about other geeky topics, I’m sure that’s gonna be part of it too. The difficulty with catering to a single specific audience, as I learned during Eyes Through the Glass, is that I am interested in writing about many different things. You can pull out some patterns, for certain. But I still wonder about what I can do.

And yes, I am still eyeing Discover. Though the process is that in which I submit an article and summarily hear nothing ever again. It’s no one’s fault, but I wonder what the issue is in particular.

I’ve heard the cliché a million times, “just write for yourself and don’t worry if people read your stuff” But I find that unsatisfactory. The purpose of making a blog, one that is publicly accessible, is so that someone else can read it. It’s why I’m typing on WordPress and not on Word.

I don’t want fame, but I confess that I do want recognition. Perhaps my expectations are unreasonable in that regard. If I had the money to burn on advertising, I’d take it up. But I’m a student, and still trying to find exactly where I fit in, especially since journalism is a tough field.

I have found that getting people offline to read my blog is a Herculean task. Some of my friends do, but only on occasion and usually without comment.  My thoughts have turned to attempting to establish myself as a Baltimore blogger. Currently, there is no Baltimore blogger meetup group present, so I may just go ahead and attempt to rectify that.

Until then, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do. I guess I’m just going to keep writing good content and then hopefully an audience will find something that I produced.