Where Have I Been? (Plus a Super Cool Announcement!)

I recognize that this blog has been somewhat dormant as of late. While I plan to finally get to a nice meaty post, I wanted to mention just what exactly I’ve been up to.

After school ended, I’ve had quite a lot of free time on my hands. While I have an internship going on, I also have other side projects brewing.

At this point, I’m working on a couple of new podcasts that I intend to showcase here. Stay tuned for more info!

To My Casual Readers


There’s a habitual interaction that I’ve had with others when I talk to them about my blog, usually along the lines of “Oh, I’ve read your blog, I really like it!” But this is actually something of a surprise to me, and let me see if I can break down exactly where this disconnect stems from. I also want to offer a call to action to some of my meatspace friends who read what I write.

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