Every Calorie Counts


Photo by cgiraldez at Morguefile.com

There’s been a persistent problem with me for quite some time. For many years, I’ve had to deal with weight issues. These issues were with me for a very long time, as my lifestyle was largely inactive.

For a while, my weight has remained in stasis around 256 pounds. I always knew I had to do something, but I always pushed it aside in favor of other issues.

One problem at a time. Take care of other stuff first, then come back to my weight.

At the time, this was a valid concern. I had many pressing issues and concerns that dwarfed my concern for weight loss. Not that I couldn’t devote any time to it, since it’s certainly possible to care about more than one thing.

But now, those concerns have largely been dealt with, and I am now confident in my ability to handle things that are thrown my way.  So where do I even start?

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