A Lesson As An OkCupid Moderator



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OkCupid is a funny thing. I had recently exhausted most of my viable searches so I decided to leave that site behind for the most part. It was therefore rather surprising when I received a notification from OkCupid that I had received a message.

My hopes were lifted, perhaps inappropriately, that a match had decided to message me for a change in contrast to the “black hole” effect that I got from the site. For the record, I know why that is occurring and will likely elaborate in a later post. However, this post came from OkCupid itself.

Apparently, my account was in good standing so I qualified for being a moderator. Naturally, I was intrigued by this process. What goes on behind the scenes?

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Doxer’s Paradise

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Originally, there was no plan to return to blogging. When I became motivated to produce content once more, I initially opted for YouTube. Due to the nature of my upcoming content, and my awareness of the climate of hostility on the site, I was fully aware that I would be subject to that hostility.

Of course, if a journalist doesn’t get someone mad it’s usually an indicator that they’re not doing their job properly. Nevertheless, I had to take precautions. With that were some considerations.

The first of considerations I made was the phenomenon known as “doxing”(also spelled “doxxing”). For the uninitiated, doxing is the publishing of personally identifiable information. This can include information such as a real name, personal address, phone number, email address, and social security number.

Before I go further, I wish to point out the fact: This is not a substitute for legal advice. I am not a lawyer. I would defer any and all expertise to them should a conflict between interpretations of the law arise. With that out of the way, we can begin properly.

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