Homeless But Not Houseless

boy-498197_1920On the cold November night that I trekked out to Tastee Diner in Laurel, I remember feeling an intense pang of anxiety. It was a day of undesired outcomes, academic and personal in nature. The worst had passed, my friend Lucas had agreed to meet up with me in an act of support.

Before the journey, I had spent much of the time dealing with draining obligations after I received news of an “F” on a project. One week to remake it. One week more it stirs in my head. The revenant project hovers, corrupting whatever I anticipate. I do not get to wash my hands of this. “Once more, with feeling,” I told myself.

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Every Calorie Counts


Photo by cgiraldez at Morguefile.com

There’s been a persistent problem with me for quite some time. For many years, I’ve had to deal with weight issues. These issues were with me for a very long time, as my lifestyle was largely inactive.

For a while, my weight has remained in stasis around 256 pounds. I always knew I had to do something, but I always pushed it aside in favor of other issues.

One problem at a time. Take care of other stuff first, then come back to my weight.

At the time, this was a valid concern. I had many pressing issues and concerns that dwarfed my concern for weight loss. Not that I couldn’t devote any time to it, since it’s certainly possible to care about more than one thing.

But now, those concerns have largely been dealt with, and I am now confident in my ability to handle things that are thrown my way.  So where do I even start?

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