The Ghost of Rosewood


Photo of Rosewood Center by Dylan Greene

I mentioned in my article yesterday that you can travel up Rosewood Lane from Painters Mill. Should you do that, you make your way to the back of the Rosewood Center. Perhaps more appropriately, what’s left of it. However, this was not the best angle to get a photo. I decided to take a picture from the front, which meant walking down the road in an awkward fashion. There’s a shack nearby, clearly dilapidated and abandoned. There’s a huge hole in the roof, stuff is strewn everywhere, and the doors are stuck open.

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Ghost of Painters Mill


Photo of the Old Lion Brothers Building, taken by Dylan Greene

Yesterday was occupied by visiting my grandparents and today was something of an oddity. Aside from Dungeons & Dragons, I took this opportunity to indulge in a guilty pleasure of mine: Taco Bell. If you go up Reisterstown Road long enough (my previous GPS mispronounced it so it sounded like “REESE-terstown”) from my house, you’ll come to a part of Owings Mills called “Painters Mill”. That part has gone under some significant redevelopment. Recently, a small block of stores has been demolished, guess nobody will miss the Cricket Wireless or the gnarly looking adult DVD store.

On the other side of the road is Foundry Row, a newly built shopping plaza that’s got a Mission BBQ, Zoe’s Kitchen, Bagby Pizza, Chipotle, and a Wegman’s. There’s a DSW planned as well, which Fits right in with Owings Mills’ affluent nature, though I must confess that slick facade does not appeal to me.

What did, however, was a fragment of my childhood that lay in stasis. Near the Pizza Hut across from the Taco Bell I ate at is the remains of an old embroidering manufacturer, known as Lion Brothers. In its heyday, it was the world’s largest manufacturer of embroidered emblems.

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